Ben Speck is a German documentary photographer based in Bergen, Norway. Born in 1981, he moved to Portugal in 1990 with his family and after finishing school there, he went to England to study 1999. After completing an Art & Design foundation course, a BA in Photography and several years of assisting established photographers, he graduated from the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication in December 2006. Since then, his work has been featured in international publications in 12 countries. He is available for portrait, reportage and commercial commission.

Ben’s photographic work is often located on the verge of society in a cultural and geographical borderland. His images bring outsiders into the centre of attention, not to display their exoticness or strangeness, but to give us the possibility to approach and debate the core of our own identities.

Many of the projects on this site are collaborative works with Karin Ananiassen. From mid-2009 til mid-2010 Ben and Karin joined forces under the alias Anecdote and produced social documentary photo stories throughout South America for a number of publications. Since their move to Norway, Karin has moved on to pursuing a medical education, while Ben continues to specialize in producing documentary photo stories alongside more commercial photography work.

UK: Financial Times Magazine / The Sunday Times Magazine / The Guardian Weekend Magazine / Architects' Journal / Decanter Magazine / Le Gun / Vice / Look Magazine / GERMANY: ZEIT Magazin / Greenpeace Magazin / Neon / View / Capital / Börse Online / Für Sie / ITALY: Vanity Fair / Internazionale / Io Donna / L'espresso / FRANCE: Marie Claire / THE NETHERLANDS: Vrij Nederland / Trouw / AUSTRALIA: Good Weekend Magazine / Penthouse / GREECE: Istographo / SWEDEN: Vice / DENMARK: Euroman / NORWAY: Krydder50 KOREA: Marie Claire / SOUTH AFRICA: You / UNITED STATES: The Wall Street Journal / Newsweek / Dollars & Sense

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All images from South America © Ben Speck & Karin Ananiassen.
All other images © Ben Speck

Extensive text material for most of the Southamerican projects is available through writer Stijntje Blankendaal
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